August 4, 2015 @ 6:15 pm
Kyma Beach Bar and Food
Via Vespucci
25088 Toscolano Maderno BS
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A thirst-quenching drink and a stroll exploring the art of a great master of the seventeenth-century is what’s offered by «Aperitivo con Andrea Celesti» (A drink with Andrea Celesti), promoted by the Municipality every Tuesday this summer to popularize the work of this famous Venetian painter some of whose masterpieces are kept in Toscolano.
The event starts off at 6.15 p.m. with an aperitif in Riva Granda beach, in Via Vespucci, at the restaurant Kyma
Beach bar&food, and after a short walk to the parish church of Saints Peter and Paul, it ends with a guided tour
(English available) of Celesti’s majestic paintings.

The total price is only 3.50euro, including guided tour and aperitif with buffet; you must make a reservation no later than one day before at Kyma Beach bar&food (tel.+39.0365.644195 or +39.347.9058047).

Andrea Celesti, born in Venice in 1637 and then forced into exile, found a second homeland on the Garda where he left abundant evidence of his art, as he was very happy here. He was very prolific during his time in Brescia and
produced high quality work both along the lake and in his atelier in the city. He produced great large-sized
paintings for the Desenzano presbytery, an enormous one for the Lonato Town Hall, and many more works throughout Gargnano, Limone, Pozzolengo and, most of all, Toscolano Maderno.

Toscolano’s parish church of Saints Peter and Paul is the repository of a majestic set of paintings commissioned by the Brotherhood of the Holy Sacrament, which the painter started working on in 1688. In those years, he had consolidated the expressiveness of his visual language: physically and culturally distant from his city of origin, cuddled by his Brescian customers.

His style would set an example for years to come for painters of the Brescian Garda shore. Many of his works made in Toscolano Maderno have been restored and can now be admired in all their chromatic splendour.

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