August 24, 2014 @ 9:00 pm
Medole - Piazza Castello
Piazza Castello
46046 Medole Mantua

The summer hill becomes more harmonious thanks to the X edition of the exhibition “Castelli in music.” Also this year, the Association of Garda morainic hills in the beautiful villages welcomes its municipalities international musicians who will perform concerts that range in engaging in the kinds of Celtic music and country music.

Thanks to the collaboration with the Cultural Association “Print International Blues Artists” and the Pro Loco of Commons moraine, you can spend pleasant evenings eleven to discover our natural and cultural beauty, accompanied by a unique musical style that has its roots in the music Irish folk and American.

We look forward to take part in our concert program that will enable you to rediscover the poetry of the villages and the history of places hilly, lulled by refined sounds that will take you on a journey full of charm and beauty.

Sunday, August 17
Pozzolengo – Castle
In an evening full of traditional sounds of American music, the band A Night of American Music sounds propose Old Time, Bluegrass and Country to lead those present in a walk through the trails of the West accompanied by Tabea, Ruben, and Matt. The trio presents an opportunity for the new CD “Streetcar”, made of excellent vocal harmonies and great technical staff.

Friday, August 22
Goito – Cerlongo Castle
‘NA’ DUN ”
The band returns to the festival with a renewed repertoire and the desire to bring the classic Irish Folk respecting tradition but without giving up a glimpse into the universe Breton. Original and competent in the use of typical instrumentation, the musicians who make up the Na’Dun have in Stephen Olivan a leader and a large class of multi-instrumentalist.

Sunday, August 24
Medole – Piazza Castello
The main protagonist of the scene European Country, Ruben Minuto has been a frequent guest of the festival in various bands, but this is its first appearance as a soloist and leader of a group that expresses the American Country as few others are able to do. Minute addition to being a great musician who knows how to keep the scene is captured to perfection and knows all the history of the Folk -Country Use. A show not to be missed!

Friday, August 29
Ponti sul Mincio – Piazza Parolini
Sounds related to popular Italian music that spazino from Sardinia to Lombardy, with a nice bond with the land of Ireland. This is the Third Class, a young group who loves to travel on the wings of notes engaging and fun, but never trivial or obvious. The seven musicians who make up the band with their sound explore the various regions of the world with the help of acoustic instrumentation and determination to sell.

Saturday, August 30
Solferino – Piazza Torelli
The festival ends with one of the best bands of Country-Bluegrass music scene, which will offer the classic and always fascinating repertoire of songs made of stories and characters of the Old West. Using the typical tools of the genre (mandolin, banjo and guitar) Josh Villa & the Blue Dust Lite will give life to their show called “From the island of the Emerald lands Erbablù” for a final evening extremely addictive and full of feeling.