July 26, 2014 @ 9:00 pm
Il Duomo, Salo
+39 0365 296827 +39 0365 296934

One of the longest running summer festivals in Italy and one of the most important events of ‘The Garda Musical Summer’ is the 56th edition of the Gaspero da Salo International Violin festival, commences on Sunday July 20th at 9.00 in the Piazza Al Duomo, Salo. This is the 9th year that the festival will be directed by the maestro Roberto Codazzi.

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Classic in the PFM – PFM

The most classic and noble band of Italian rock bursts with its expressive power in a festival dedicated to the violin. And it does so with the amazing violin Lucio Fabbri – not coincidentally nicknamed “Violin” – but especially with the project “in Classic” which is measured by the music of the great classical authors ” not to compete, not to parody, not for pairing, but to enter it, with different linguistic means and far, to express concretely with their own style, the desire to meet, have fun, believe it “(Lorenzo Arruga).

What to expect: