July 24, 2014 @ 9:15 pm
Teatro del Vittoriale
Via Vittoriale
12, 25083 Gardone Riviera Brescia
€18 + €2 booking fee
+39 340 1392446

Walter Beltrami – Looperville – Solo Guitar Orchestra

Looperville is an imaginary town, born from the imagination of the Walre Beltrami: it is the synthesis of all the cities he has visited and that inspired him but primarily it is a city of sounds, melodies, improvisations.

Loopers – machines that can record and play extemporaneously what happens – become the tools of memory with which the guitarist reveals and makes it accessible to the public his complex sound world.

The guitar ranges with elegance and naturalness from intimate atmospheres, songs, thumping rhythms up to virtuosisticc counterpoints that can only turn this solo into a powerful orchestra.

In Looperville, Beltrami uses different guitars: electric, jazz, baritone, classical as well as sampling and live instruments and unusual objects that he uses as real sound sources, all in the service of his musical vision and an engaging spectacle.

Looperville is in short an “experience”: a place suspended in time and space to bring music and sound suggestions, without limitation of genres and aesthetics. As in a real metropolis everything is melted and twisted, although just for once, as befits a fictional town, all live together in harmony. Jazz, rock, songwriting and sonic experimentation and simply but especially music.

All this and much more you can listen in Looperville.