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Love Lake Garda – Harrison & Jackie’s engagement around Isola del Garda

This is a post I’ve been wanting to write for months but due to me spending the winter in darkest Somerset, with a next to useless internet connection I’ve been very good at putting things off. Now the season is upon us and I’m getting lots more enquiries from people who want to get engaged on Lake Garda, so I thought it about time that I tell the story of Harrison and Jackie.

Harrison contacted me last August after reading a previous article I’d written regarding a wedding proposal on Lake Garda that I’d arranged. He’d been searching for a romantic way to propose to his girlfriend, and was taking her to Verona, the city of lovers and home to the Romeo and Juliet Balcony which he thought would be the ideal destination to propose. Harrison wanted it to be original but many of the options he’d explored seemed too cheesy or clichéd, a wedding proposal on the worlds most romantic lake seemed like the perfect solution.

I gave Harrison a few ideas which we batted back n forth until 31 emails later we though we’d decided on the perfect plan. Harrison and Jackie went on their holiday and as the day drew nearer Harrison and I stayed in contact via messaging on the phone. Then the day before the event was supposed happen our plans were scuppered by the weather. All was not lost Harrison and Jackie were in Italy for another four days so I quickly set about re-arranging the proposal. Unfortunately the original boat company partners couldn’t  fit in with the times that Harrison and Jackie could be on the lake so I contacted another partner.

On the rescheduled date Harrison couldn’t get to the lake until later in the afternoon so we had to change the itinerary. The original plan was an early afternoon boat tour to the Isola Del Garda, where the boat would stop, the question would be asked, bubbly and two glasses would be produced by the skipper so the couple could toast the positive response, before being whisked off to a romantic lunch in a lakeside restaurant.

The new plan was for an early evening boat tour to the Isola del Garda where Harrison could propose as the sun set behind the mountains to the west of the Golfo di Salo. If you’ve been lucky enough to be on the lake at this time of day, with an orange glow reflecting off of the crystal water then you will know what an enchanting aura is created. The skipper had picked up some nibbles from a local restaurant and Jackie was happy that Harrison had arranged a  romantic boat trip, the perfect finale to their amazing holiday. When the boat stopped and Harrison dropped to one knee she was literally lost for words…..Along with Harrison she managed to find some words to describe the experience in an ‘thank you’ email, which they very kindly sent me……..

Harrison on his Lake Garda Wedding Proposal

It has taken me a long time to find the right words to compose this testimony, and to be honest, I am still unsure if I have found those perfect words that would befit such a wonderful occasion. An occasion only matched by the tremendous support and relentless organising that I received from Roy at Love Lake Garda.  I have been trying to find the perfect sentence to sum up how the kindness and professionalism of Roy and Love Lake Garda provided me with the happiest day of my life (so far).

In the three months prior to my engagement on Lake Garda, I was searching high and low for the perfect setting to pop the big question, but I just kept coming across dead ends of cheesy love hearts and gondolas under Rialto bridge, or Juliet’s balcony (a work of fiction). Then by chance and in a strange case of irony I read a testimony from a couple about their experience of getting engaged on Lake Garda and how a company called Love Lake Garda made it the perfect day.

From that day on and from the first email I sent Roy, he was involved and always available to help – he kept in constant contact with me and constantly suggested the perfect locations and restaurants. He was like a best mate I had known for ages. He gave updates on the weather and notified me of any changes to our original plan (and our plans changed due to a storm). But I was not worried for one minute. This is how Love Lake Garda make you feel – no matter what happens they will find a way to make the most important day in your life perfect, and they did just that.

The captain of the ship was charming and full of interesting info and when the time was right, he

Get Engaged On Lake Garda

gave me the nerve shredding nod that it was time to take a knee, and balance at the same time.

Luckily for me my beautiful girlfriend and now fiancée said yes, and out came the champagne and lovely canapés whilst Nora Jones serenaded us from the boats speakers and the sun set over the mountains. I would recommend this experience to anyone else thinking of making that big decision as Roy at Love Lake Garda will make it a day to remember.

Jackie’s thoughts about getting engaged on Lake Garda

Get engaged on Lake Garda

Harrison and I set off on our private boat ride at about 6pm. Our host and driver Marcello began by giving us a map and a rough guide to what we would be seeing on our trip. He was very

convincing and I truly did believe it was just a private boat ride! As we arrived at Isola del Garda, a very old beautiful castle we slowed down and we had a chance to relax and take in the sights. The music was romantic and the sun was setting and then I saw Harry on his knee! I was so overwhelmed I cried and I even forgot to say yes! After a few moments of tears and hugs Marcello popped a bottle of Prosecco open and gave us each a class.

The atmosphere and beautiful landscape just added to the most amazing day of my life and I truly believe I was the luckiest girl in the world. Marcello was so friendly and made our evening so special, I still get goose bumps thinking about it and I would recommend this company. Harry was so happy with how the day turned out. I soon learnt that the day had to change last minute due to a storm but I would never have guessed, it was incredible! We have now set a date and love retelling the story of how we got engaged! 🙂

Thanks Roy for making the experience so personal, thoughtful and memorable.

I was in contact with Harrison just a few days ago and I’m very pleased to announce that they have set the date and are making plans for there wedding later next year. There’s was the seventh wedding proposal on Lake Garda that I’ve arranged and I’m happy to say that all resulted in a YES, which is not at all surprising as Lake Garda is the worlds most romantic lake.