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Gardaland which is the biggest theme park in Italy, is owned by English company Merlin Entertainments Group who are also the owners of Legoland, the Tussauds Group, the London eye and popular theme parks in the UK such as Alton Park.

With this portfolio you can imagine what an amazing day out Gardaland is. They have over 32 rides including three water rides and six roller coasters, one of which is MAMMUT, Italy’s largest family coaster.

New for 2015 is ‘The Black hole’, Italy’s first ever dive coaster and the longest of it’s kind in Europe. Those brave enough are plunged from 42.5m into a dark tunnel and when they emerge are subjected to 360 degree loops and twists.

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Gardaland Sealife Aquarium

The Gardaland SEA LIFE Aquarium has almost 100 species of the planets sea and freshwater marine life, including sharks, rays, seahorses and starfish.

Take a tour through the themed

environments which have been carefully laid out to reconstruct the natural habitats, on a journey to discover the most beautiful creatures that inhabit the fresh and salt waters of the entire planet.

As you walk through the glass tunnel you will feel like you are diving among some of the worlds most exotic creatures.

Try not to miss the feeding of the sharks!

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Gardaland Sealife Aquarium

Parco Natura Viva is a fantastic family day out with the potential to see animals from all five continents, many of which are endangered in their natural habitat, just a few kilometers from Lake Garda.

Madagascan Lemurs, Amur Tigers and Snow Leopard are among

the species that can be seen in the Animal park.

You can drive through the Safari Park and be among Lions, Giraffs, Zebras, Hippos and Rhinos and many other species. There is also an Extinction Park with life like representations of creatures of the past, including the mythological Dodo and a female Indricoterio (the largest land mammal that ever lived).

Apart from seeing the animals Parco Natura Viva has so much more to offer.

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Gardaland Sealife Aquarium

With four main attractions Canevaworld is a fantastic family day out. Take a jaunt back in time at Medieval world, enjoy a spectacle of jousting and swordfights whilst tucking into a medieval banquet. Or tuck into the ‘all you can eat’ buffet at the

Rock Star Cafe.

Canevaworld also boasts Lake Garda’s largest waterpark, Canevaworld Aquapark. In among the exciting attractions there are themed swimming pools, the Bermuda diving pool, hydro pools and relaxation zones.

The attractions include the adrenalin rush Stukas Boom, the daring Black Hole, the Twin Peaks Coaster slide, the five laned Typhoon and many more. The Aquapark really is an exicting way to spend a family day out.

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Gardaland Sealife Aquarium

Canevaworld Movieland is a collection of shows and thmed attractions that pay tribute to classic Hollywood films.

Movieland opened in 2002 with just one attraction which was the Rambo stunt show. This show is

still one of the main attractions today although it has been developed and improved over the years. Other shows include the award winning ‘Illusionist’ and ‘Zorro’.

If you want to be more involved then there are plenty of hair raising attractions which include Kitt Superjet speedboat ride, which was added fairly recently in 2013. Other attractions include the U-571, Magma 2, Hollywood Tower and the Horror House. There is also the Tomb Raider ride which is more suited to younger visitors.

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Gardaland Sealife Aquarium

Rimbalzello is an adventure park with suspended routes, connected by lianas, bridges, cables, zip lines, nets and walkways. With routes 1 meter and 2 meters from the ground, for kids over 100cm, and routes 2m and up to

15m (with views of the lake) for teenagers and adults, Rimbalzello offers a great experience for all ages and levels of daring. Test your composure and nerve as well as your balance and climbing skills.

Across the road from the adventure park Rimbalzello offers many more facilities including:
Beach, Sunbeds, Swimming Pool, Pedalo and Canoe, Boat trips, Tennis, Football, Beach Volleyball, Diving, Gym, Ping Pong, Pizzeria, Beach Bar and Happy Hour Bar.

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