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Buy Lake Garda Ferries Tickets

It is now possible to purchase 1 day free circulation tickets on Lake Garda ferries direct from this page, just follow the link or click the button below.
A free-circulation ticket allows you to travel all day on the lake without any specific route or being limited by the number of stops.Tickets are available for the entire network (including fast-service), or for upper or for lower parts of the lake (not including fast-service). Fast services for upper or for lower routes can be purchased at an extra charge.

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Free 1 day circulation tickets

Lake Garda Ferries Timetables and Fares

Although Lake Garda is over 50km long and 15km wide it doesn’t mean that you wont be able to explore all of it’s beautiful and historic lakeside towns in just one holiday. There is a a fantastic fleet of Lake Garda ferries that provides a service to most of the towns on the lake, making it possible to travel all of Lake Garda if you plan carefully.

As a foot passenger you can choose between the ferry boat and rapid hydrofoil service. The service is very flexible , you can book tickets direct to a destination or you can book a day tickets that cover either half, top or bottom, or the entire lake. Drop in to the ticket office in the Lake Garda town nearest to where you are staying and you will find pre-planned routes or you can ask the ticket officer for advice in getting the most out of your day out.

PLEASE NOTE: Travellers must provide themselves with the tickets, before the departure. Tickets can be purchased at the on land ticket offices, located near the dock: they open at least 20 minutes before any departure, or you can find them at the sales points authorized by our Company. Credit card are accepted at any ticket office and on board of any motorship of our fleet.

If you prefer to drive but don’t want to drive the whole way round the lake there is a car ferry service between Maderno and Torri del Benaco and another between Limone and Malcesine (open June to October).

Click the images below and you’ll be able view, download and even print the timetables, fares and other info.

Free 1 day circulation tickets

Ferry and Hydrofoil Timetable

Ferry and Hydrofoil Fares and Terms

Maderno to Torri Car Ferry Timetable

Limone to Malcesine Car Ferry Timetable

Car Ferry Fares

Luggage and Cycles

Free 1 day circulation tickets

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We try to keep the information on this page up to date and easy to download, but if something doesn’t seem right you can check on the Navigazione Garda Website.

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