There are so many things to do in Lake Garda that it would be impossible for one agency to know everything. As well as the official Lake Garda tourist information offices, which you can find in almost all of the major towns, there are now also many Pro loco offices.

Pro loco offices are set up to provide very local knowledge of the town or district they are serving and are usually run by people with a passion for the area so you can expect a great service.

Of course some are set up better than the others, and provide information in an easier to follow format. This map of the Lake Garda Tourist Information and Pro Loco offices will at least help you find the offices in the area you are are interested in.

As with all maps on this website I have tried to provide all the links you require to find the information you require. For best use of the map follow these instructions:

I’ve spent may hours searching to provide the info on this map so if you can’t find what you’re looking for then apologies…I will continue to update the map and your input is always welcome.