Why Visit a Lake Garda Markets

If you like shopping then a visit to one of the many Lake Garda markets is an experience that you shouldn’t miss. A Lake Garda market is a bustling, noisy and colourful place, where a cocktail of sumptuous food aromas attack the senses and make your mouth water. In most of the larger Lake Garda towns and some of the smaller ones the weekly market is noisy and colourful place where old customs thrive.

It is still a major part of Italian culture for the locals to visit the weekly market and it provides the opportunity to keep up two more very Italian customs……to be a food critic and to haggle. In Lake Garda the locals are joined by the tourists

One thing I love about Italians is there passion for all things Italian. While it may mean that they miss out on many of the world wide foods that we now take for granted, it ensures that local and traditional Italian produce and recipes survive through the centuries.

What you can buy at a Lake Garda Market

The vendors are very proud of their products and will often allow you to ‘try before you buy’, whilst providing as much information about their products as you will allow them to.

Lake Garda markets aren’t just food markets, you can buy anything from a hair grip to a white truffle. You’ll find stylish Italian shoes and leather goods, pottery, tapestry, clothing, bric a brac and household gadgets…which means a Lake Garda market is the perfect place to purchase the latest Italian fashion, something for your home, a memento of your holiday or a gift for someone back home. For me…..it’s always the food.

All in all a visit to a Lake Garda market is one of the things to do on any Lake Garda holiday.

Check out the list below to discover on which day is the market in the town closest to you. Also check out the blog area to discover Lake Garda summer events where you can experience shopping at a colourful, open-air market….quite often under the stars.

Your Nearest Lake Garda Market