Yesterday I went with friends for lunch at my favourite restaurant for eating the traditional Brescian meal of Spiedo. Hotel Colomber is situated in the tranquil villiage of San Michele, high on a plateau in the mountains behind Gardone Riviera.

Adjacent to the restaurant is a hangliding and paragliding school. Usually on a Sunday, after eating far too much, it is possible to relax in the hotel grounds and watch the hangliders and parachutes decend gently down from the launch site on the mountains between Mount Pizzocolo and Mount Spino.

As peacful as it is on the ground watching them come down, you might imagine how peaceful it is to be up in the air, floating on the wind with a birdseye view of Lake Garda. If you are interested in finding out it is possible to book a tandem ride with one of the instructors at the school. The cost for a flight is €90 plus €20 if you want your experience captured on video. It is also possible to take lessons at the school, which for tourists work out a €50 per session. For further details contact Iggy at BigSur Sky Park.

To get an idea of the experience watch the video below….