Lago di Idro, nestled at 370m in the Brescian pre-alps, it is the highest lake in Lombardy and is just a 40 min drive from Lago di Garda. It is a much smaller lake, but if you fancy a change of scenery it is definitely worth a visit. In the high season it offers a cooler temperature and a chance to chill out away from the crowds.

On one side the mountains fall sheer into the waters, but on the other side there are some fantastic beaches. Some where you can paddle out calf deep for 10m, perfect for small children, some where the bottom drops down steeply just a meter from the shore, fantastic for swimming, some vast grassy beaches that are perfect for playing games on.

During the afternoon as the temperature rises towards it’s peak it causes the “Ander” wind to blow down the lake, which generates a cooling breeze and also perfect conditions for windsurfing and sailing. There is the opportunity to hire out windsurfers and sail boats and it’s possible to take lessons by the one hour or take day courses. Also available are pedalos and kayaks.

There are selection of beach bars and pizzaria’s, for taking lunch, an aperitivo or a refreshing beer. Or if you fancy cooking your own there are communal BBQ’s at intervals along the lake path.

Then if you need a ‘passagiata’ to help your lunch go down, the Rocca d’Anfo provides a perfect destination. A fortification that is steeped in history and was very important during the Napoleonic wars, casts a commanding presence above the lake.