Wedding Blessing Location

Lake Garda is the most romantic place on the planet. Even if it is too late for your Lake Garda wedding, you could still take advantage of the romantic aura that envelops Lake Garda, by renewing your vows or by having your wedding blessed.

A wedding blessing can be arranged anywhere around the lake, on a beach, on a pier, in a hotel….a place special to you.

Garda Weddings provide an affordable package which includes a blessing ceremony that is conducted by a highly professional wedding celebrant.

The wedding blessing ceremony is captured on camera by one of Lake Garda’s top photographers.

Wedding Blessing Service

Our wedding celebrant has attended his theological training at the Vatican and can therefore perform religious blessing ceremonies as well as civil blessings. If you want to renew your vows then he is just the person for you.

You will receive a service which is 100% personalised. The celebrant will contact you personally prior to the occasion so that he can get to know you, your history, your likes and dislikes and your journey together. He can provide you wi