The magic of Lake Garda is enough to inspire the least likely of scribes to put pen to paper (or start tapping the keys of a keyboard), and that includes me includes me; it actually inspired me to build this website without any previous knowledge. Some writers just seem to know how to transform the beauty they are seeing with their eyes into the perfect words. The inspiration for this post was an article that I came across in the Telegraph news paper (there’s a link to the article at the bottom of the post). The article’s author, Lee Langley discovered that over the centuries, Lake Garda’s stunning beauty and captivating aura has been an inspiration to some of history’s most legendary poets.


Gaius Valerius Catullus the Roman poet wrote much of his romantic verse at the family villa in Sirmione, which may or not have been the ‘Grotte di Cattulo’ the impressive ruins that stand on the tip of the peninsula.

‘What full, extended glee, Sirmione, seeing you again more beautiful than all the islands and peninsulas that Neptune raises on the different waters of transparent lakes or the immense sea’ – Catullus