I’m usually a lot quieter in the close season but due to a winter contract in the outback of Somerset, England, where I was totally off the grid you’ve hardly heard from me at all. This is actually my first news post since September, and what inspired me was an article that arrived in my inbox from Ciaran Elster, who is a journalist, teacher and owner of the travel blog Rail and Write.

The article he’d written was about Italian beaches or as he calls them, waterside locations, and how much more ‘chilled’ they are than the beaches in some other parts of the Med. One of the beaches included in his report was in Lake Garda at the end of the Sirmione peninsular (where the photo above was taken). I suppose what caught my mind was that the inspiration for the last post I wrote, ‘Lake Garda: A Stunning Landscape That Inspired Poets’ was by a visit to the very same beach.

Anyway, Easter has passed and everyone is almost certainly dreaming about their next holiday, and most holiday day dreams start with the beach. So as this is my first post this year and I’m a bit rusty I’ll just point you to the page about Lake Garda beaches which will hopefully push you into choosing a holiday in the wonderment that is Lake Garda.

This is an excerpt from Ciarans post:

Of all the delightful towns surrounding the deservedly-lauded Lake Garda, Sirmione is arguably the one from which the lake can be most thoroughly enjoyed. A small peninsula protruding into the lake’s southern tip, it is surrounded on three sides by clean, clear water. Not only does it have fantastic beaches at the peninsula’s tip, but the castle is another sight for sore eyes, the water flowing under its drawbridge featuring endless breadcrumb battles between brightly coloured ducks and coots.

You can read the full post at Rail and Write