I have already written a post explaining exactly what the traditional Lake Garda dish of Spiedo is, also that my favourite place to eat it is at the Hotel Colomber, but last Sunday I was taken to a lovely old fashioned trattoria where the Spiedo was absolutely fantastic so I wanted to share it with you.

Like Hotel Colomber the Trattoria Pieroli is also in the village of St Michele, which is a village in the hills above Gardone Riviera. If I was recommending a place to eat Spiedo on a nice hot summers day or to those who are trying Spiedo for the first time I would always recommend Hotel Colomber, but for those of you who are venturing out on a not so nice day, or those who have become Spiedo enthusiasts, you must try Trattoria Pieroli…….the Spiedo is absolutely fantastico.

Don’t let the Cuba Caffe sign outside may give you the the wrong impression…….I have certainly driven past it a few times thinking it was just a modern cafe. Inside the restaurant is traditional old style Italian, wooden tables, white table-clothes, wooden panelled walls and wooden beams.

The menu is also very traditional and also not vey expensive. I was taken there specifically to eat the Spiedo but I did also try some porchetta ripieno(stuffed pork), and I did try a couple of the deserts. Everything I ate was exceptional so i presume that everything on the menu would be.

There were another English couple who had arrived by bicycle from Gardone who told me that they were staying at the Grand hotel and Pieroli had been recommended for Spiedo by the hotel, which I would say is a very good reference. Anyway the only way to really find out is to go and try it for yourself.

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