It’s hard to believe that the final weekend in May is already upon us, which depressingly means that life is passing by far to fast. But hey, there’s always a positive and and being the last weekend in May means that it’s the time of the year for Cantine Aperte.

Cantine Aperte is one of the most important wine tourist events in the Italian calendar. Since 1993 on the last Sunday of May, in an effort to encourage direct contact with all wine lovers and not just those ‘in the business’, the Cantina’s associated to the Wine Tourist Movement have been opening there doors to the public.

Over the years the event has become more and more popular with tourists and wine enthusiast, and it offers fantastic experience for those who like to try something different. It gives a real the opportunity to explore the cellars and discover the secrets of wine making. All of the Cantina’s, in varying degrees, also combine a gastro experience with the wine tasting. Some provide just a few nibbles, whilst others provide local dishes to bring the best out of the wine. One of the places I visited last year even laid on a full BBQ. If you plan ahead you can get around to many to many Cantina’s and have an amazing experience.

If you wan’t to know more about Cantine Aperte you can read my blogpost from last year.

If you want to start planning your itinary go to the website of the Movimento Turismo del Vino to see which Cantinas are participating this year