Wine Expert Jeffrey Benson on Groppello and Casiliva

Earlier in the year I published a post which introduced you to Jeffery Benson, a world reknowned wine expert who owns the Monte Castello Olive Estate near Gaino, a small village in the hills above Toscolano Maderno.

You can go back an read the post in which Jeffrey raved about the olive oil and wine of the Lake Garda region and in particular the Casiliva olive and Groppello grape, both of which are indigenous to the region. Once you’ve done so you can look forward to the upcoming the 39th Fiera del Peugnago del Garda, a Lake Garda event which celebrates both of these amazing products.

Quality wine and oil in a three-day fair

Puegnago del Garda will celebrate the 39th edition of its historical Fair from Friday 4 to Sunday 6 September, highlighting its wines and two most typical products of excellence.

The star of the event will be Groppello DOC, a unique wine from the native vine by the same name, which is now only found in Valtenesi, where it has become quite popular in recent years. Depending on the producers, based on a careful selection of grapes from the best vineyards, Groppello can become Reserve with at least two years of aging.

Another star of the Fair at Puegnago, where olive trees grow on ten percent of the land, is the Casaliva variety.
Puegnago’s and the Garda’s «green gold» is iconic of a unique and inimitable landscape and gives colour and flavour to meals in Italy and abroad. Over the years, Casaliva monocultivar olive oil has become the ambassador of this region, setting documented high quality as its highest balance point.

A system of companies that aims to conquer more and more market opportunities and international awards has developed around this natural jewel, which unleashes a web of gourmet aromas and unique sensations anywhere in the world where people love good food.

For three full days in this charming green area perched over the blue Lake between Salò and Desenzano, the Fair will feature Garda’s best products, oil and wine in the first place, but also other local gastronomy specialties.

You will be able to meet the producers and taste the fruits of their labour. Just like in the previous years, there
will be numerous events: tasting tables, learning opportunities with food experts, guided tastings, conferences, food and wine, and numerous fun and entertaining side events.

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