Giornale Di Brescia

We are very pleased to announce a collaboration with one of the leading daily news paper’s in the Lombardy region of Lake Garda, the Giornale di Brescia.

During the spring and summer months the Giornale di Brescia publish ‘Summer Garda’, a magazine which is dedicated to promoting the wonderful region of Lake Garda. The Summer Garda magazine provides amazing information regarding the history, the culture and local products and services in the region. It also provides an abundance of information regarding the events and attractions in the towns on the west and south coast of Lake Garda.

The Summer Garda magazine is published in Italian but with an English translation of every article. The magazine is released as an insert to the Giornale di Brescia on and around the last Friday of the preceeding month. I don’t believe that the paper is purchased enough by the English speaking tourists who are probably unaware that this fantastic guide to Lake Garda can be found inside. Although the magazine is also distributed to some hotels and tourist offices, I don’t believe that the fabulously written articles get the readership they deserve.

To address this and help improve the visibility of the magazine I contacted the offices of the Giornale Di Brescia to see if I could publish their articles on Love Lake Garda. I was so happy that they agreed and now I am able to share with you the content of Summer Garda Magazine.

Some of the artcles will be published in blog posts and some of the content will be published in the events calendar. The Giornale di Brescia logo and a link to download the original article will be present on each post wher the content has been provided by the Summer Garda magazine.

Continue reading for an example of one of Summer Garda magazines articles.

A Programme of Infinite Possibilities

At the peak of the season, the lake shows off all of it’s jewels

August is the month of the summer movida (evening entertainment) at Lake Garda. Crazy amounts of fun are to be had on the biggest Italian lake, which in these weeks offers the best it has got to give. Despite these difficult times, Garda Lake claims to be a tourism destination which has not known the economic crisis. Statistics published by the Province confirm that for the first part of the season, numbers of arrivals and presence in the area have been largely positive – an increase on last year – with a significant increase in the number of Italian tourists.

The whole of the Lake Garda Riviera is devoted to entertaining the guests, who will have the opportunity to choose between the thousands of propositions adapted to all tastes and ages. The evening movida (entertainment) breaks out weekly on the occasion of the now famous Notti Bianche of Desenzano (the White Nights, every Wednesday until the 2nd September), the Salò Happy Blue Hour (every Thursday until the 10th September), and the beer festivals, beach parties and fireworks displays which light up and liven up the evenings at Lake Garda.

There are countless propositions for music lovers: from the concerts of the festival Tener-a-mente at the Vittoriale to classical and symphonic music of Suoni e sapori del Garda (Sounds and flavours of Lake Garda). Naturally, wine and food exhibitions which celebrate local products won’t be in short supply. The opportunities for cinema lovers are just as numerous with outside screenings organised in every commune and specific screenings targeted at children. The now famous Film Festival del Garda at San Felice ensures that there won’t be a lack of quality cinema events. For cinephiles, the exhibition ‘Scrivere con la luce’ (Writing with light) by Vittorio Storaro is not to be missed. Storaro, author of ‘La fotografia cinematografica’ (in cinematographic photography), is known and celebrated all over the world and has
won three Oscars. This exhibition is open in Palazzo Callas in Sirmione until October.

Then there is the most beautiful exhibition of all: the lake and its beaches, its trails to walk along, and its rich and surprising hinterland, which can be discovered by foot or by bike, by boat, or on horseback.

In a nutshell, there are an infinity of opportunities which you can get to know by flicking through this
summer brochure of Garda Summer.

Giornale di Brescia