As a large percentage of visitors to Love Lake Garda are our brothers from over ‘the pond’, I thought I’d write a post to encourage them not just to visit Love Lake Garda, but also to take a Lake Garda vacation.

It’s well known that Americans have a love affair with Europe, infact almost 12 million of them travel to Europe every year. That’s around 18% of all Americans who take their vacations abroad, almost twice as many that visit the next popular destination which is the Caribbean.

American Celebrities in Lake Garda

Of course Europe has a vast amount of amazing destinations, many of them in Italy. The Italian Lakes are becoming more and more popular, especially Lake Como which is the lake best known in America since George Clooney bought a villa there. I have been to Lake Como and it is stunning, so are the other lakes, Lago D’Idro, Lago D’Iseo and Lago Maggiore. But Lake Garda (Lago di Garda) has got to be the most amazing out of all of them.

Maybe Lake Garda isn’t so well known in America as Lake Como, because of the George Clooney factor, but I’m sure it will be soon, especially if the rumours are true. What are the rumours? That Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, along with many other celebs, are purchasing a property in a luxury development that is being constructed in the hills above Gardone Riviera.

If this rumour turns out to be true, then the chance of drinking your coffee across the table from the movie heart throb is definitely going to push up visitor numbers to this fascinating region.

Now you might not be able to afford a private property in a luxury development, but there are thousands of Lake Garda vacation villa rentals to choose from, so you could still have an amazing base in Lake Garda.

Lake Garda Towns-Salo

Why Visit Lake Garda Checklist

Of course you only have to surf around Love Lake Garda to find out why I think it is such an amazing place, but here’s a list to highlight a few of the reason:

  • Stunning landscape and scenery with mountains, vinyards, olive groves, historic towns and pretty ports.
  • Diversity of culture and traditions as you travel around the lake provides you with a fantastic opportunity for new experiences in one destination.
  • The crystal clear, clean water of Lake Garda is, unlike Como, accessible all the way around the lake. With lakeside restaurants and cafe/bars and 45km of beaches, you can be as close to emerald green or azure blue water as you want, (it changes in color depending on the sun and the aspect from which you are gazing upon it).
  • If you prefer to be on the lake there are an abundance of activities, including, wind/kite surfing, wake boarding, sailing, and boat rental. On shore activities include: golf, walking/hiking and mountain biking. There are also plenty of para/hang gliding clubs if you are one of those people who likes to jump off mountains and get the birds eye view.
  • An abundance of interesting places to visit, including museums, botanical gardens, archaeological sites, theme parks, adventure parks, zoo’s and of course the opera at L’Arena in Verona.
  • Lake Garda’s proximity to other Italian destinations, such as cities which include Venice, Verona, Milan, Mantova and Padova, also the Dolomites and the Alps, make it a fantastic base to explore.
  • Lake Garda wine – Three of Italy’s 20 wine regions border Lake Garda, these are subdivided into smaller regions each with their own distinct varieties. The cantinas are accessible and the owners only too eager to show off their produce. There are wine fairs and events throughout the year, Lake Garda is therefore an amazing place to begin your adventure with Italian wine.
  • The diversity in the landscape, the unique location, the Mediterranean and alpine influences on the climate, the culture and the local traditions all have an effect on the Lake Garda cucina. Fish from the lake; game, chestnuts, mushrooms and truffles from the mountain, the healthiest olive oil in the world, lemons, pasta, polenta and riso;  There are literally thousands of restaurants using these fresh, seasonal local ingredients to produce an infinite list of wonderful flavours and dishes; if you are a foody then Lake Garda is a must for you.
  • You can tell by the welcoming hospitality in the restaurants, cafes, hotels and from the locals, that tourism is important to the region. There are tourist and proloco offices in all the towns all working hard to provide a full summer program of events and tours. Music, food and wine as well as local customs and traditions are at the heart of the entertainment, which is always provided in chilled out environment. Whether a world class event such as the International Violin Festival, or a local wine tasting event, the passion for making visitors to Lake Garda happy is always the same. You will never get bored and will always feel wanted in this wonderful part of the world.

An American’s View of Lake Garda

I could go on and on with the list but like I said, just surf around Love Lake Garda and you will see how passionate I am about the place. But why listen to me? Why not listen to someone who not only made the trip from America, but loved it so much she bought a place out here.

I don’t really bump into too many Americans, but I did meet this one lady with whom I’ve since became friends; her name is Susan and this is what she has to say:

“Since my first European vacation as a teenager, I was drawn to the lakes of Northern Italy where the snow-capped mountains meet the water. I don’t think there any more beautiful area in the world – particularly when you factor in the delightful people, amazing food and beautiful sunshine. When my husband and I started looking at retirement options, we had the crazy idea to visit towns all around the different lakes one winter, searching for just the right combination of beauty, nature and abundant activities – and when we came to Lake Garda, we knew we’d found our new home. As Americans, we do like the fact that we don’t encounter a lot of other Americans there, but we would encourage more of them to visit Lake Garda! It is a wonderfully “Italian” area, surrounded by natural areas for walking, driving and, of course, relaxing over a delightful meal. Eventually, we selected Saló as the place where we bought a home with a beautiful view of the lake, just a few minutes’ walk from the historical center and the beach, convenient to shopping and only a short drive to the mountains or day trips to lovely historical areas by car or boat. We’re not big sports enthusiasts, but we enjoy watching the boaters, wakeboarders, parasailers and windsurfers all around the lake. There is no end to the options for those who enjoy the outdoors, even if that means just spending the afternoon basking in the sun, at a restaurant in one of the lake towns along the lungolago!”

Lake Garda Vacation Villa rentals

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