Summer Garda-How? When? Why?

Don’t worry! If you missed the June issue of the Giornale Di Brescia’s Summer Garda magazine you’ll be able to keep up with all of it’s valuable content here and by following the Love Lake Garda blog and events calendar.  Below are a couple of excerpts from the May magazine, you can read the full magazine below.

Garda tourist vacations – the new season begins

A long new summer begins with a thousand initiatives in every Garda town!

It’s finally vacation time. A brand new long and hot summer is about to start. Lake Garda is getting ready to welcome its guests Italians and foreigners, young and not so young, families and single travellers, sporty and tranquil – and offer them many different types of vacation, one for each taste and aptitude.

The luminosity of the environment, the legendary mildness of the climate, the grandiosity of the landscapes to the north, the sweet restfulness of the Morainic hills to the south, the wealth and complexity of the historic vicissitudes experienced by this region, the sunny beaches and the excellent food and wine are all reasons that explain the great success that Garda has always had as a destination for travellers and pilgrims.

All of this is augmented by entertainment initiatives, all kinds of shows and events, town fairs, taste fests, concerts, guided walks and art exhibits. There are numerous opportunities to have fun, discover the land and spend the whole day outdoors. On these pages, you will find useful tips to help you choose.

Giornale di Brescia
Giornale di Brescia