Salò is probably the most beautiful town on Lake Garda and enjoys a fabulous position on the bay of Golfo di Salò, with a back drop of the steep, tree-clad hills of St Bartolomeo. Salò has a the longest ‘lungolago’ (promenade) of all the lakeside towns. It starts at the historic center, going past the marina and all the way around the bay to Salò’s very beautiful beach. Since 2016 the footpath carries on round to Portese.

There is a vast selection of pizzerias and restaurants where you can dine ‘al fresco’, sampling the amazing local foods and wine; if you haven’t tasted pizza in Italy then you haven’t tasted pizza. Many of these bars, pizzerias and restaurants are right on the lake front, giving it that riviera feel. During the summer visitors pull up in their boats, step off and take lunch before sailing off to spend the afternoon on the lake; think St Tropez.

Salò’s varied history starts in Romans times, through the Napoleonic and Risorgimento era and continues right up to the Second World War, when it was the capital of Mussolini’s Italian Social Republic.  The legacy of it’s history is a fascinating network of narrow streets, small

Lake Garda Towns - Salò

piazzas, statues and elegant buildings.

Salò is a very popular location for Italian tourists and seems less touristy than some other towns. It is a perfect destination for all visitors to Lake Garda, including families, couples and the older generation.


Throw on your ‘glad rags’ and join the Italians in their ‘passagiata’, a Sunday afternoon stroll along the “Lungolago”. Stopping for a ‘gelato’, café or an aperitivo, whilst you sit and watch the world go by, or gaze across the bay at the stunning views, a wonderful experience.

Places To Visit In Salò

The most important building in Salò the Gothic-style 15th century cathederal (Il Duomo), built by Filippo delle Vacche and dedicated to S. Maria Annunziata with paintings by Moretti and Romanino.  This is a short walk from the ferry point on the “lungolago”.  Across the piazza from the Il Duomo is a very famous gelateria, where during the summer there is a seemingly endless queue of customers from the door all the way across the square well into the early hours.
After the earthquake of 2004 ‘Il Musa’, work began to convert the church and college of Somasco di Santa Giustina the into the ‘museum of Salò’. There are various exhibition spaces in Il MuSa that chart the history of the town, from the days of the Romans thro’ to Venetian rule when Salò was the capital of the Magnifica Patria, the times of Gaspero di Salò, including an exhibition dedicated to the 600 days of Mussolini’s ‘Italian Social Republic’ (otherwise known has the republic of Salò). There are also spaces in the museum that host temporary exhibitions.
The museum was opened in 1943 and exhibits documents, photos, relics, armour and weapons used by soldiers in the history of all of the Italian wars.
The Municipio (town Hall) in Salo was built in the 16th century and is steeped in history. It was originally the ‘Palazzo della Magnifica Patria’, when Salo was the capital of the Magnifica Patria -‘The magnificent motherland’, a league of 52 municipalities in the Garda area under the rule of Venice. The building was partially destroyed in the 1901 earthquake and was rebuilt by Jacapo Sansavino, as the Palazzo del Podesta. Between 1943 to 45 during Mussolini’s Italian Social Republic the building was used to house the Office of Interpreters.
Still standing at each end of Salo are the ‘old town’ gates one of which is the Porta dell’Orologio. It has a clock tower which was built in the 13th century and included a drawbridge. The structure was restored in 1766 in the Baroque style of the time, which included spiers and pinnacles as decorative elements.

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