Description of the route

The beautiful and historic town of Salo boast the longest lungolago (promenade) af all the Lake Garda Towns. The 1.5 mile promenade stretches from the beach area in the southern curve of the Golfo di Salo, hugging the contour of lake, over bridges and past the marina, ending just past Al Duomo at the far end of the historic centre of Salo.

This walk is ideal for an early morning stroll when you can enjoy the tranquil sound of the lake lapping against the pebbles, and the early morning sun rising above Monte Baldo to bid you a good morning, he smell of coffee and Salo waking up when you reach the historic centre. Or, for an evening stroll when the sun is just dipping down behind the mountains to the east, and dusk decends upon the Gulf of Salo, generating a tranquil and unique atmosphere. Of course this walk is can be made at any time of the day, to walk off a heavy lunch or to wake yourself up after a lazy day on the beach.

You can make this walk in either direction; there are plenty of bar/cafe’s and restaurants in Salo and also three bar/cafe’s at the beach where you can take a light meal or an aperitivo. 

Either park your car in one of the car-parks at the far end of Salo or if you prefer to walk from the beach you may be lucky enough to find a free parking space in the beach car-park.

This route is also very popular with joggers, so if you want to keep up your fitness regime whilst on holiday or burn off some of those gelati, then this is the perfect route for you.

Map of the route

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Continue for another 20 mins along the World War 1 pathway, complete with caves and crosses until you eventually reach the Sanctuario.

Details of the route

  • Route: Salo Lungolago
  • Distance: 3 miles(1.5miles in each direction)
  • Time: 30mins each way
  • Altitude: Min 201ft, Max 272ft
  • Terrain/Vista: Beautiful views across the Gulf of Salo to the historic centre. Spectacular views across the Lake to Monte Baldo
  • Underfoot: Boardwalk, Pavement
  • Refreshments: Bar/cafe’s at the beach and plenty of restaurants and bar/cafe’s all the way round to the historic centre of Salo
  • Places of interest: Historic centre of Salo, Al Duomo, Marina

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