The historic centre of Sirmione is located at the end of a 4km peninsula. Strategically positioned at the entrance to the Sirmione is the 13th Century Scagilero castle, which was built under the instruction of Mastino I della Scala….The Lord Of Verona.  The Sirmione castle is the only castle in the world with it’s own port.  Today the castle is home to the museum which displays Roman and Medieval artefacts.

The castle is protected by a moat and can only be accessed by one of it’s two drawbridges. The other drawbridge serves as the main entrance to the peninsula and takes you over the pretty port of Sirmione.

The Grotto di Cattulo , named after the legendary Roman poet Cattulus, is the ruins of the largest Roman villa in northern Italy. The ruins were only discovered in he 19th century, but a full study was only undertaken in the 1940’s when the ruins became public. There is a museum on the site of the ruins which displays relics from the villa.

Hot water from natural thermal springs that occur in many points around Sirmione are pumped into many of the peninsulas hotel.

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If you want to experience the full benefit of the precious sulphurous water which flows naturally from the depths of the lake, then a visit to Aquaria terme di Sirmione should be on your itinerary.

Like all Lake Garda towns Sirmione is host to many popular events, one of the most popular when it is the first time check for the Mille Miglia, the famous vintage car race.


If you’re visiting the lake nearer the end of the season when the level of the water is lower, pay a visit to the beach at the tip of the peninsula.  The beach becomes much bigger, you can bathe in the thermal waters and the views up the lake inspired a poet.

Places To Visit In Sirmione

The Sirmione Scagliere castle is a a medieval port fortification and believed to be the only castle in the world with it’s own port. Building began in 1277 under the instruction of Mastino 1st della Scala. The castle stands at a strategic place at the entrance to the peninsula. It is surrounded by a moat and it can only be entered by two drawbridges.  The castle houses a small museum displaying relics from the Roman era and a few medieval artefacts. Opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday – 8.30am to 7.30pm (last entrance h. 19.00), Sunday – 8.30am to 2.00pm (last entrance 1.30pm)
Tickets €4 or €2 with concession. Free entry first Sunday of the month.

Situated at the tip of the peninsula with outstanding panoramic views, the Grotto di Catullo is the remains of the largest Roman villa in northern Italy. It is believed to have been the home of the Roman poet Catullus. With what joy and happiness I see you again Sirmione, jewel of the peninsulas and islands, among all those that the dual Neptune welcomes the clear lakes and vast seas! I hardly think I left the Tinia and bitinie lands and to see you out of any danger…. Hail, beautiful Sirmione, rejoice your master; and rejoice you, o Lidie waves of the lake: echoed, all laughter of the house….Caio Valerio Catullo. SUMMERTIME weekdays – 8.30-19.30; holiday – 9.30-18.30, WINTERTIME weekdays 8.30-17.00 Archaeological area – 8.30-19.30 Museum; holiday 8.30-14.00, Closed every Monday, January 1st, May 1st, December 25th.

Its easy to miss this tiny 15th Century chapel which is tucked just inside the entrance of the Scaliger Castle. Duck inside the peaceful sanctuary and escape for a few moments the hustle and bustle of the busy little town. Witness the ancient artworks which include 16th century frescoes, a painting on stone of the Virgin Mary and the coat of arms of La Scala.

Maria Callas, the legendary Greek opera singer, loved Sirmione so much that she lived there for a while. Her former residence, (unmissable due to it’s bright yellow colour) Villa Maria Callas has been converted into holiday apartments, so it’s not possible to see inside the home that she spent holidays with her husband Giovan Battista Meneghini. There is however a small park dedicated to ‘La Divina’ nearby, which offers a tranquil shady haven to escape the sun and the bustle on a hot summers day in Sirmione. Don’t be mistaken that the park is the private garden of the Villa Cortina Palace Hotel, once a favourite haunt of Maria Callas, it is definitely a public space.

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