A project is underway at La Rocca (The Rock Of Manerba) to transform the current local Park into a nature reserve. A campaign by the surrounding municipialties, including Soiano, Padenghe, Moniga and Polppenazze, for the enhancement of the Valtenesi area includes the improvement of local parks and the development at La Rocca is the flagship project. What make the project at Manerba stand out above other Italian reserves is that as well as offering a large protected area of flora and fuana, it will also include  a lakeside park similar to marine conservation areas.  The marine conservation area will cover 114 hectares of the  coastal area and 86hectares of the adjacent lake bed on the coastline that stretches the La Rocca and del  Sasso. It will be the first ever lakeside orientated nature reserve in Italy. The conservation area will take in the current archaeological and nature park of La Rocca, the slopes of Mount Re and the agricultural areas between Montinelle and San Giorgio.

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