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Osteria dell’Orologio is a traditional, antique taverna in the heart of the historical centre of Salo. After many years of walking past this restaurant I finally walked in last year and had a dining experience which left me regretful that I hadn’t tried it sooner.
The food, the décor and the mood of the of the place gave a feeling that you really were experiencing a taste of authentic Italy.
Although there are not many tables (which means you need to book early to avoid disappointment), there is a warm and cozy atmosphere. The service is fantastic, you are left alone to enjoy yourselves without interruption, but ‘cameriere’ seem to have an uncanny sixth sense to arrive exactly when you need them.
The place looks expensive but it really isn’t and is definitely worth a visit if you are in Salo.
If you want to sample the atmosphere before you book why not pop in when you pass for a ‘bicchiere di vino’, they have a fantastic selection of local wines as well as from other Italian regions.

Our favourite on the menu-Luccio con Polenta(Pike fish), Tagliatelle con ragu d’anatra (duck)
Closed-Monday evenings
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How to Find Them

Osteria dell’Orologio
Via Butturini, 26
25087 – Salò (Brescia)
Tel. +39.0365.290158
[email protected]

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