What we think

As you approach the Hotel Laurin you witness classic Italian architecture and style, which continues as you go inside to the lobby, where you literally receive the ‘red carpet’. When you enter the restaurant or ‘dining hall’, you can feel the history. If you allow your imagination to take hold, the atmosphere will transport you back to a bygone age, when the hotel was a private residence and the room was probably used to host glamorous balls for the elite. Crisp white tablecloths lain with shining silverware, elegant chandeliers hanging from vaulted ceilings, borded by stunning frescoes. Dine ‘Al fresco’ on the terrace, which offers intimacy as well as wonderful views across to the lake. The service is attentive, but never intrusive; the menu offers local flavours, creatively fused into mouth-watering dishes. This hotel is definitely worth a visit for a treat or special occasion.

How to get there

Viale Landi, 9 – 25087 Salò (BS) – Italy
Tel:+39 0365 22022
Fax:+39 0365 22382

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