What we think

I’ve been going to Caminaccio for many years now and I have introduced the restaurant to many of my friends and family, for all of them a visit to the Lake Garda wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the ‘garden restaurant’. I prefer to think that they have affectionatley named this restaurant so, not because they can’t pronounce Caminaccio but because of the restaurants’ beautiful garden setting. As dusk falls the garden is lit up by lights hanging under the trees to create a totally ‘chilled out’ ambience, thus generating one of those ‘holiday moments’.

The family run restaurant is located in the centre of the historic village of Portese and its speciality is ‘pesce e carne ai ferri’, which means grilled fish or meat. They have made a fine art of cooking over hot coals and what gives the place even more appeal is that the grill kitchen is smack bang in the middle of the garden so you can watch them cooking your dinner. The ‘Fitto Misto’ is also very good and worth sharing as a starter.

The staff are friendly and helpful, the setting is stunning and the food is fantastic……so what are you waiting for….book a table now and give yourself an occasion to remember.

My Favourite dish: Fritto Misto, anguilla(eel)

How to get there

4, Via Parroco Bertazzi – 25010 Portese (BS)
Tel: 0365 62126

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