This information will help you if you become sick during your visit to Lake Garda.

For accidents and emergency treatment not requiring an ambulance you can visit the Pronto Soccorso (A&E) at Gavardo hospital. The address is: Via A. Gosa 74, Gavardo, Brescia. At the roundabout in Tormini take the exit to Gavardo, stay on the road for approx 3 km, you will see Pronto Soccorso on your left as you drive into the town.

If you need to see a doctor for non-emergency reasons you can visit the tourist doctor (Guardia Medica) in Salo. They are located in the I Pini Centro Sociale Salò building, opposite the Simply supermarket in Due Pini area of Salo. As you enter the courtyard you will see a white door to the left with Ambulatorio written on it, the tourist doctor can be found in here.

There is also a Tourist Doctor in Gargnano. As you drive north through Gargnano you will see a sign for Centro and Parking, the road is called Via Roma, try to park in Via Roma. Go up the steps opposite the church (Chiesa San Francesco). Almost immediately to the right there is a gate with Poliambulatori written on it, inside and up some steps there is a yellow building where the Tourist Doctor is located.
(Please note that the tourist doctor is usually only available during the high season, mid June to mid September, for limited periods during the day. The times and phone numbers change year on year so if you think you may need the doctor during your stay please seek him out and check these details early during your stay).

During the low season the following is available:
In Gardone, from 9.00 to 12.00, you can consult the Dr. Corona (tel. 338 2598704), Wimmer Square. In Salò Dr. Ciolina, Vittorio Emanuele II Place 42b (tel. 0365 40264). Or you can call the “Guardia Medica” in Fantoni Street n. 89 in Salò, from 20.00 to 8.00 h., tel. 0365 296461 .

For minor ailments you can visit a pharmacy (Farmacia). Pharmacists are fully-qualified doctors and can prescribe medicines. There are many of them around, just look out for the illuminated green cross as you get to know the area.

REMEMBER: Always carry your E111, EU medical card with you if possible. If you don’t have it with you the hospital will treat you but you will be charged.