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About Ricchi

This family run winery prides itself on quality and producing traditional wines using advanced technologies which are crucial to the production of quality wines. Ricch is very environmentally responsible and has an almost neutral carbon footprint.

Although not strictly in located in the Lugana region, it is situated very close in the beautiful Colli Morenici (Morenic Hills) and certainly worth a visit when you are in the area. We recommend that you visit this very pretty cantina on an organised tour. you will be given a tour of the vinyard, very attractive cellar and different areas of production, where you will also be given an informative talk about the production process and the ethics to which Ricchi proudly works. You will also be warmly received to taste the wine and purchase directly from  if you drop in during opening hours.

The premium wines include the Meridiano Chardonna, the Carpino Merlot and the exceptional Expression 8 Spumante. However the Garda Merlot and the Garda Chardonnay are also very good wines and very good value.


How to Find Them

Azienda Agricola Ricchi F.lli Stefanoni s.s.
46040 Monzambano (Mn) – Strada Festoni, 13/d
Phone: 0376 800238 – Fax 0376 807007
Web: www.cantinaricchi.it
Email: [email protected]
  • Max Number of people – 50
  • Min number of people – 4
  • Cost per person – depends on wine and food but min €5
  • Food included – yes (salami, cheese etc)
  • Disabled facilities – yes
  • Languages spoken – Italian, English, Dutch, French and German
  • Shop at Cantina – yes
  • Can you taste wine at shop – yes
  • Opening times – Monday till Saturday 8.30-12.00 – 14.00-19.00, Sunday  8.30-12.00
  • Languages spoken – Italian, English, Dutch, French and German
  • Premium wines – Meridiano, Carpino, Ribo, Le Cime and Spumante
  • Best selling wine – Chardonnay Brioso
  • Grape varieties are grown in your vinyards – Merlot, Cabernet, Rondinella, Cardonnay, Turbiana, Tocai, Garganega


Cabernet Ribò DOC
The red garnet color introduces aromas of red fruits and then give way to spicy notes of leather and tobacco. Full-bodied, harmonious and balanced with elegant soft notes given by the stay in the tonneau. The meat prepared at medium-long cooking and game are in this wine an ideal pairing, also perfect to enhance the taste of cheese.
Grape varieties: 25% Cabernet Sauvignon, 75% Cabernet Franc.
Alcohol content: 14% vol.

The talent of a wine that comes from the respect and the accuracy of a method. Already in color, garnet red, expresses his great personality and the full bouquet evokes feelings of jam, plum and pleasant balsamic notes. Great concentration in the extract, the balanced harmony between soft tannins and softness further enhances the velvety notes. An ideal accompaniment for red meats that require long cooking, stews and game.
Type of grapes: Merlot 100%.
Alcohol content: 15% vol.

Rosso Cornalino 50/50 I.G.T.
A Bordeaux blend well done for this wine ruby ​​red color, intense aroma of sweet spices and pleasant notes of red berries. The hint of vegetal notes is given by the contribution of Cabernet.
Full-bodied, well structured, harmonious balance between softness and tannins. It combines well with the flavors of pasta with game sauce and grilled red meat.
Grape varieties: 50% Merlot, 50% Cabernet.
Alcohol content: 13,5% vol.

Bagaèt Novello IGT
Taste of early autumn, ahead of fonts and colors of the new harvest. Inviting for its purplish color with violet reflections and the intensity of its aromas of strawberry, raspberry and blueberry, vinous perceive the aromas of wine. Leaves in your mouth good freshness and pleasant flavor and scent.
It’s young taste makes it a very good pairing with meats and soups.
Type of grapes: Merlot, Sangiovese.
Alcohol content: 12,5% vol.

Garda Merlot DOC
The color is intense ruby ​​red, vegetal aromas among which emits aromas of red berries, currant and blackberry. The soft and harmonic taste emphasizes the end of grape tannin.
It goes perfectly with pasta with meat sauce, pies and meat raw or boiled.
Type of grapes: Merlot 100%.
Alcohol content: 13% vol.

Garda Cabernet
Ruby red, has a strong impact on the nose that evokes the smell of freshly mown evolving into notes of green pepper and spicy aromas. Balanced taste with strong tannins.
It reveals excellent with meat dishes and pressed cheeses.
Grape varieties: 75% Cabernet Sauvignon, 25% Cabernet Franc.
Alcohol content: 13% vol.

Rosso dei Colli DOC
An easy drinking red. Delicate on the nose, vinous with hints of red fruits such as raspberry, blackberry and blackcurrant. Dry, with a balanced and harmonious relationship between softness and tannins. It goes perfectly with salami and red meat is not very elaborate.
Grape varieties: 40% Merlot, 40% Rondinella, 20% Cabernet.
Alcohol content: 12,5% vol.

Meridiano DOC
With the short drying of the grapes and with the correct time in barrels of oak this is a wine with a straw yellow color with golden reflections. Olfactory sensations of great intensity and persistence, accentuated by warm notes of ripe tropical fruit, pineapple, banana and honey. Full-bodied and harmonious in the mouth expresses soft sensations, dates from the set of alcohols and polyols, however, supported by good freshness.
Par excellence is the right expression with pumpkin ravioli, a typical dish of Mantua, white meat and fish.
Type of grapes: Chardonnay 100%.
Alcohol content: 14% vol.

Garda Chardonnay DOC
Yellow color, the nose offers the typical varietal aroma, fruity with hints of pineapple, banana and acacia.
The palate confirms its delicate freshness, its good structure and a pleasant taste-olfactory persistence.
Best with dishes based on fish, pies and vegetable risotto.
Type of grapes: Chardonnay 100%
Alcohol content: 13% vol.

Garda Chardonnay Brioso
The characteristic pale yellow crystalline highlights the freshness of the product. Significantly greater fruity aromas of green apple, banana with a pleasant hint of white flowers, especially acacia. On the palate it expresses a lively freshness given by good acidity, well shared with the perception of flavor.
Versatile use, this wine is excellent as an aperitif and is at its best with dishes made with fish or white meat.
Type of grapes: Chardonnay 100%.
Alcohol content: 13% vol.

Mandorlo I.G.T.
The greatest quality of this wine is in perfect balance both the nose and palate. It comes with a straw yellow color with greenish reflections. The scent expresses marked notes of almond and a hint of distant wildflowers. The taste is full with good freshness and emerges on the palate bitter almond note. Perfect with pasta in broth and dishes of white meat or fish.
Type of grapes: 100% Tocai.
Alcohol content: 12,5% vol.

Bianco dei Colli DOC
A wine with a straw yellow color, the nose has immediate sensations of citrus and green apple denoting a pleasant freshness.
It goes perfectly with fish, ham, grilled vegetables and vegetable pies.
Type of grapes: Trebbiano 35% yellow, 35% Garganega and 30% Chardonnay.
Alcohol content: 12,5% vol.

Passito Le Cime
Depth and personality from the color, golden yellow. Complex, with hints of sweet raisins and dried figs, peach and apricot jam. Perfectly balanced sweetness, acidity and soft, it returns to the palate its complexity in warm and enveloping notes. This great sipping wine finds its highest expression eaten alone with blue cheese and sweet dried pasta.
Type of grapes: 50% Garganega, 50% Yellow Muscat.
Alcohol content: 14,5% vol.

Chiaretto dei Colli DOC
It ‘a Garda wine of ancient tradition, with its beautiful cherry pink color. The brief contact with the skins leaves it vinous but delicate on the nose. In the mouth a pleasant freshness from the balanced acidity. Ideal accompaniment to cold meats and dishes based on fish from the lake.
Grape varieties: 45% Merlot, 40% Rondinella, 15% Cabernet.
Alcohol content: 12,5% vol.

Expression 8 Spumante BRUT
Producing quality sparkling wines is also possible in the absence of deep-rooted tradition when the rigidity of production becomes priority. Our brut sparkling wine shows bright straw yellow in color, with fine and persistent bubbles. Intense and fragrant with the scent immediate perception of toast notes and hints of yeast and crusty bread to lead then to those of hazelnut. Elegant on the palate has good softness supported by a lively freshness. Great wine as an aperitif though finds his right match for the whole meal with dishes of fish.
Type of grapes: 85% Chardonnay, 15% Pinot Noir.
Alcohol content: 13% vol.
Grappa dei Ricchi Bianca
Distilled from selected pomace of Cabernet, particularly aromatic soft taste. It ‘funny how in Mantua, the typical cake sbrisolona be savoured when dunked in this grappa. It releases its aroma if tasted in special crystal, open flared tulip shaped gasses.
Type of Grapes: 100% Cabernet
Alcohol content : 40% vol.
Colour: amber.

Grappa dei Ricchi Riserva
Obtained from pomace dried Garganega grape and muscat.
Aged for 18 months in small oak barrels
In the mouth the flavor is intense and vanilla, fruity, reminiscent of the original grapes.  Despite the aging in oak barrels, it has a strong and very fruity ‘olfatto’, and gives a slight hint of vanilla.
Tyoe of grapes: Garganega and Moscato
Alcohol content: 42% vol.
Colour: amber.

Extra virgin olive oil
This extra virgin olive oil is produced in the hilly areas of the province of Mantua in the vicinity of Lake Garda. The location, the altitude and the calcareous nature of these soils are especially suitable for growing olives.
It ‘a delicate oil fragrant taste with a slight aftertaste of artichoke, the scent is fruity and reminiscent of the scent of the fresh fruit and healthy olive. It has a golden-yellow color with green highlights.
Extra virgin olive oil of the “Rich”, pure olive juice, is a healthy food rich in trace elements valuable to our cells. These beneficial properties are typical only of the oil obtained in strict compliance of proper cultivation systems, a thorough pressing of olives, its packaging and preservation. Our extra virgin olive oil has an acidity media packaging less than 0.5%.
The olives for this production are the varieties Favarolo, Leccino and Frantoio.
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