Determination, a symbiotic link to the land, the ongoing fusion of tradition, the past and the present are the element that allow Citari to produce their prestigious wines

About Citari

The Citari vineyards are situated in the amazing countryside of San Martino della Battaglia. This little gem of a cantina lies in the shadow of the monumental tower which was erected to commemorate the famous battle, fought during the Second War of Independance. This family run winery, with the help of Francesca, prides itself on producing quality wine with the most up to date methods, whilst maintaining traditional values. They are one of only a few wineries that are still producing wine from the Tocai San Martino della Battaglia grape which has been grown in the area since Roman times.

The family take the business very seriously and are doing everything to ensure that quality of the facilities match the quality of the wine. If you visit the cantina shop you will see that everything is brand new as the family strive to provide a first class service for their customers in a first class facility. An organised tour comprises of a tasting in the cantina, with a buffet, followed by a walk trough the vines, where you will be given an explanation of the company’s wine making processes and ideology.

Citari produce a number of prestigious wines each with there own unique character using only traditional Lugana and San Martino grapes.

How to Find Them

Località Citari n. 2
San Martino della Battaglia
Desenzano del Garda Brescia
Tel Fax company +39 030 9910310
Office mobile +39 3474505917
Cellar mobile +39 3485134315
Email: [email protected]
  • Max Number of people – 50 (groups up to 10 pers can be seated)
  • Min number of people – 6
  • Cost per person – depends on wine and food but €6 to €25
  • Food included – yes (buffet-bread, salami, cheese)
  • Disabled facilities – not yet
  • Languages spoken – Italian, English, German and French
  • Shop at Cantina – yes
  • Can you taste wine at shop – yes
  • Opening times – Monday to Friday from 9 to 12 and from 14 to 18.00
  • Languages spoken – Italian, English, German and French
  • Premium wines – San Martino Della Battaglia, Lugana Vigneto La Torre, Lugana Vigneto La Conchiglia
  • Best selling wine – Lugana Terre Bianche
  • Grape varieties are grown in your vinyards –  Lugana, Tocai di San Martino, Groppello, Marzemino, Sangiovese, Barbera

N.B.All tasting notes provided below are attributed to the producer.